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August 25th 2015;
Together with the Excellent Dutch Doom band
Façade as headliner, Libethra will be performing at "Podium de Beuk" (Saterday the 7th November, 1e Barendrechtseweg 53-55, Barendrecht). You should expect an epic display of growling, steel bending and drum skin pounding so don't miss out on this one!

April 12th 2015;
We are proud to announce that we have started to work on our second album. Now the world has been cleansed by our first album "zondvloed" mankind should prepare itself for "Hoe koud het was". It will be brutal and relentless but not without beauty. The album will be about the loss of humanity in its many forms and will leave you alone and cold in the dark.....

November 8th;
And then, out of nowhere, there's a review of our debut album. As the review comes from an unbiased source and is fairly positive I guess Libethra can now be considered awesome officially. Sincerely yours: Libethra…/…/Libethra-Zondvloed.html

September 1st 2014;
yes, the die has been cast! Our demo album "Zondvloed" has been finished. Drop everything you are doing right now and have a listen!

January 6th 2013;
Ok everybody, you can all stop sending messages now! We welcome Job as the new guitarist of Libethra! \m/ (-_-) \m/
After performing a very successful audition we welcome Job in our midst and are confident that Libethra will be ready to produce metal that even Uri Geller can't bend!

November 20th 2012;
Wij zijn op zoek naar een nieuwe slaggitarist. Qua stijl moet je denken aan Opeth, Anathema en My dying bride. Wij maken muziek met veel dynamiek en gebruiken afwisselend clean vocals en grunts. De nummers hebben vaak een progressieve invalshoek (maar wij hebben niet de intentie om alleen enorm technische muziek te produceren). Op dit moment zijn wij bezig een demo op te nemen waarna een van onze gitaristen Libethra helaas zal verlaten. Wij zoeken iemand met een steile leercurve die goed strak kan spelen en houdt van onderaardse, sfeervolle muziek. Wij oefenen op vrijdagen in Rotterdam. Als jij geïnteresseerd bent, stuur dan een bericht naar (bijgevoegde geluidsfragmenten om jouw stijl te illustreren worden enorm gewaardeerd).

November 5th 2012;
After the recordings of the debut album of Libethra "Zondvloed" sadly Chris will leave Libethra as a band member. Since the last few months it proved to be very hard for Chris to combine his professional life with the band. Therefore Chris was forced to make this difficult decision. By recording "Zondvloed" we will face the challenge to summarize two years of fruitful cooperation in little less then 40 minutes of audio.

August 18th 2012;
Sunday the 16th of September Libethra will give it's first life performance! This memorable event will take place at Landgoed van Cool tot Terhaven Willem Buytewechstraat 37-43 Rotterdam, from 14:30 - 15:00. B there or B ■ !

More info you can find here.

January 6th 2012;
After careful consideration Wouter decided to not continue as Libethra's bassist as he needed to focus on his study. We all wish you best of luck in your future (musical) ventures! Sander will now take the honours of being the bassist of Libethra.

December 13th 2011;
OK everybody you can stop sending emails; we got ourselves a bass player. We are proud to present Wouter as the latest addition to Libethra!

May 5th 2011;
Bass player wanted (bassist gezocht)

We are currently looking for a bass player to join the new progressive metal band Libethra. We practise in Rotterdam. If you are a capable and creative base player and into our approach to progressive metal please send us a track or link to demonstrate your style. Email;

February 16th 2011
Libetha started working on its first album. This album will be better adapted to be performed live when compared to the previous recordings of TijaD. The songs will be more tailored around guitar riffs and will contain less layers of organs, violins and such. We don't want to spoil to much information yet, but the album will be named "Zondvloed". The lyrics will be about the complex relationship The Netherlands has with the North sea that can be both giving and deadly.