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The music of TijaD


Using the player below you can listen to the latest TijaD album.

Streams available at Spotify, Apple Music, Rhapsody, Youtube and soundcloud. All songs are available as MP3 on Bandcamp, CDbaby, Amazon MP3 and Apple iTunes.

If you want a CD (Digipack) of Cognitive Dissonance please visit bandcamp or send me an email with your name and address to tijad.progmetal@gmail.com. For € 7,50 Cognitive Dissonance will be yours forever!

The 2015 album of TijaD "Cognitive Dissonance" was recorded with Sander Pastoor on drums and as grunt vocalist, Hanneke Rolloos can be heard as vocalist on "Duet With The Dead". Roel de Haan can be heard as cynical psychiatrist on "Hiatus". TijaD plays guitars, keys, bass and does clean vocals on the album. A BIO of TijaD with the lyrics of Cognitive dissonance can be downloaded here as PDF.

The music of TijaD can be described as tranquil, melancholic and dark. TijaD combines darkened prog with neo-classical music and blatant outbursts of black metal and Doom.

Lyrically, pretty much all revolves around longing, loss and tragedy. The music of TijaD might not be for everyone to enjoy as TijaD does not focus on making pristine general interest recordings and does not embrace the fantasy of once reaching a broad audience, life is just to short. Still TijaD tries to reach out to those that are looking for interesting obscurities like Cognitive Dissonance.

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